3 Simple Ways to Turn the Nursery into a Bedroom that Your Child Will Love

Your baby’s transition into being a toddler (and soon, a child) can be a bittersweet moment for any loving parent. This is the point in your child’s life when they start learning to be independent and no longer 100% reliant on mommy or daddy for every little thing in their life. And while it’s all part of growing up, it can be hard for both parents and children. For parents, giving up the nursery where you have lasting memories of nesting and caring for the baby can be quite difficult. For the child, it make take some time to get used to the new changes that come with growing up. But it’s not all bad. Baby’s transition into being a toddler, while challenging, is also an opportunity to give your child a space that they can truly call their own. Here are a couple ways to make this transition easier:

Invest in Convertible/Transitional Bedroom Furniture

Any new furniture can be expensive, but you can make the most out of your purchase by investing in furniture that literally grows and transitions alongside your child. For instance, instead of getting a crib or a toddler bed that’s only useful for a couple years, it’s much more sensible to get a convertible crib that can also turn into a toddler bed, daybed, and later, a full-sized bed. It’s the type of furniture that your baby will be able to use until they’re about 8 or so – a solid investment for any nursery or child’s bedroom. Rather than having to change entire bed sets every couple years, this way, you’ll only need to change mattress sizes to accommodate your kid’s growth.

Another great example is a dresser that’s topped with a changing table. When you no longer need to change your baby’s diapers on the table because they’ve grown up to be a toddler or a child, you can just ditch the changing pad up top and use it for extra storage or even decoration.

Additionally, transitional or convertible baby-toddler furniture is not just easy on the budget, it also gives your toddler’s ‘new room’ a sense of familiarity, making it easier for the child to accept the new changes to the nursery that they’ve gotten quite used to.

Decorate Accordingly

Remember the episode in Modern Family where Lily reluctantly asks her dads if they can paint over the mural in her room depicting both Cam and Mitch as angels? While a bit exaggerated, it’s an episode that perfectly captures how bittersweet it is to witness your little baby start to grow up. The truth is that the decorating choices you’ve made for your baby may not be ideal for every stage of their pre-teen life. While you probably didn’t get a mural with your face painted on your child’s bedroom wall, you might have decorated it in a way that’s no longer preferable for your child as a toddler.

So plan ahead. Don’t be afraid to get whimsical with the decorations, but also consider the fact that soon, your toddler is going to have opinions of their own. In a couple years, are they still going to love the sparkly unicorn color scheme and doe-eyed cartoon characters plastered on their bedroom walls? Instead of decorating the room for a baby or a toddler, start decorating for the child that they’re going to become. The nursery doesn’t have to look like a daycare center for your child to be comfortable. Choose color schemes, decorations, and wall decals that your child won’t want to change for years to come.

Consider New, Clever, and Special Bedroom Additions

After you’re done with the basics (bed, storage, decorations), think about what else can be added to your child’s new bedroom to celebrate the fact they they’re growing up. What new bedroom addition can they now enjoy as a toddler that they didn’t have (or couldn’t enjoy) when they were still a baby? It has to be something that they can also enjoy for years and won’t easily outgrow. So, instead of getting a new car bed to celebrate their newfound toddler independence, how about a hammock or even a swing seat of their own in the bedroom? It can also be something more practical like a work desk and a chair that they can use for studying. You might need to spend a bit more cash or time putting it all together, but once you see your toddler enjoying the new bedroom that used to be their nursery, it’s all going to be absolutely worth it.

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