Emerging 2017 Design Trends

As we step firmly into spring, we’re starting to see signs of the spring and summer home furnishing trends are going to be. When you’re spring cleaning, you can always freshen up your home with a few style updates too.

DM Design, fitted bedroom expert, has listed some of 2017’s key styles, and provided advice on how you can achieve these looks in your home.

Jewel colours are in

Rich jewel colours are in for 2017, so this means luxurious berry colours, magentas, blues, turquoises and greens. This can be incorporated into your home just a little, with throws and cushions, or you could make an impact with a jewel coloured feature wall, rugs or curtains.

Mixed prints are big business

Make a statement by mixing different patterns in the same room – it feels daring, but can look great. You can mix up stripes of different size (some big and bold, some pinstripe, some vertical mixed with horizontal) or a variety of florals. You can always mix fabrics instead, which will give the subtle illusion of mixing prints.


The faux fur look is making a comeback; fur is all over rugs, furniture, soft furnishings – and even lamps. Choose light greys and beiges for a lighter, more summertime, look, or change to deep colours like charcoals and chocolate browns as it gets colder.

Bohemian is here

Formal styles are gone for 2017, and we’re seeing more bohemian, relaxed looks in home décor. To get the boho, folksy look try patchwork quilts, woven baskets and plants.

Industry is here to stay

The movement of industrial décor has been flourishing in recent years, and metallic furniture (especially in the kitchen) is still a very popular choice. Want the industrial look without fully committing? Steal lamps or reclaimed pallet furniture really nods to it.

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