7 Tips for a Cleaner and Softer Carpet

When it comes to keeping your home looking its very best, or perhaps if it’s time to put your home out there on the market, you will have to make your property look the part by removing as much clutter as possible, make those necessary repairs, and clean your home from top to bottom.

First Things

If you are thinking of selling, one of the first things potential buyers will notice when entering a home, is the condition of the carpeting. So, first of all, make that the main focus of any cleaning efforts. You may want to bring in the professional carpet cleaners in Perth, but whatever your choice, a complete shampoo, vacuuming and grooming, will remove years of wear and tear and make your carpet look practically new once again.

Here’s what to Do  

1 – Remove everything from the carpeted rooms that you will be cleaning. If possible, move any items to another part of the house or arrange to use a storage facility. Large furniture pieces, such as a bed or a dresser can be temporarily moved, if you wish to clean under them.

2 – Get down on your hands and knees and inspect your carpet closely. Move around the room, and cut any threads that are sticking out with a pair of sharp scissors. Never pull the thread when cutting it; lay the scissors down flush to the carpet and simply cut it off.

3 – Spray tough stains with a carpet stain remover. Follow the instructions and leave the cleaning agent in place for the specified amount of time. When it’s time, blot with a rag to absorb the cleaner and the stain.

4 – Vacuum the carpet to suck up all the dust and dirt before applying the shampoo. Make sure to check out high-traffic areas as well as the corners and spaces where the carpet meets the wall.

5 – Fill your carpet shampoo machine with the right amount of water and cleaning solution that is recommended by the manufacturer.

6 – Start shampooing the carpet far away from the exit doorway. Slowly go back and forth in straight lines and work your way towards the door, so you don’t have to walk on the damp carpet to leave.

7 – Allow the carpet to completely dry and should you feel the need, you can sprinkle a scented or unscented carpet deodorizer over the whole floor. Leave the powder on the carpet for the recommended amount of time, and then finally vacuum the carpet one more time to remove the deodorizing powder.

And that’s it. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And should you have the time, it’s worth giving it a go, but should you be strapped for time, you might want to think about getting in the experienced professionals. Boas Cleaning Services in Perth, W. Australia, offer an affordable and quality carpet cleaning service that will leave your home looking just the way you want it.


You may just want to vacuum weekly to prevent a build-up of dust and dirt. Try to get into the habit of removing your shoes upon entering your home. Place floor mats at the entrances of the carpeted rooms and keep your home looking nice and clean.

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