Home Carpet cleaning – Professional help Or Self Clean?

Having carpets in the house add to its aesthetic feel. However, having a pleasant, clean-looking piece of carpet is a nice thing but keeping it spotlessly clean is another matter altogether. Should you clean it yourself with your own carpet steam cleaner or should you get professional help?

You can keep carpets clean using the right tools such a canister vacuum cleaner and a carpet steam cleaner. Another easier but more expensive way would be to hire professional help.

If you prefer professional help, then make sure that they give a guarantee that you would be 100% satisfied with their work. This is to ensure that they would be willing to come back and redo whatever you are not satisfied.

Bear in mind that a professional carpet cleaning company should send over representatives to check out your carpets before sending their cleaning staff over. This is to ensure the best possible treatment given to your carpets.

Getting a carpet cleaning company that is registered at the Institute for Cleaning Restoration Certification (IICRC) website is recommended. Normally, these companies are well-managed with well-trained qualified staff, with the latest up-to-date cleaning methods and products.

Do be wary of those companies that offer to clean your carpets for a low price. Most of the time, they are just offering surface cleaning and not really a more thorough deep cleaning job. For that, they will most likely ask for additional cost. You might end up paying much more than your original budget.

A good idea is to drop by their website and check out their customers’ reviews. Genuine positive customers’ reviews are a good guarantee of the quality of their services. At the same time, you can check out the cleaning products they are using. You want products safe for your carpets.

If you just want to clean a small stain yourself, always start cleaning from the edges of the stain first. This helps to prevent the stain from spreading.

Before using your carpet steam cleaner, run over your carpets with a vacuum cleaner first. This is to pick up as much dust, dirt, hairs or crumbs as possible. Then only steam clean your carpets for a really good cleaning job. Watch all the stains disappear and your carpets return to its original clean, soft, fluffy feel. However, make sure that you extract as much water as possible. This is to prevent mildew from forming over time.

You can even rent a carpet steam cleaner if you wish. However, it is more economical to buy one for long-term usage.

Whether hiring professional help or doing it yourself, do not wait until your carpets are dirty before cleaning them. Clean up spills immediately. On top of that, have a fixed schedule whereby they are cleaned on a regular basis such as four times a year. You will be proud of your beautiful carpets.

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