Oriental rugs

Getting an oriental rug cleaned by professionals can be expensive and if you have pets your rug will never remain clean for a long time. If you have better knowledge about these rugs you can clean them by yourself. These rugs can last very long but if you are not giving proper care to them their life can get short. It is very important to know the proper and less risky way of cleaning these rugs to prevent damage. It is easy to remove stains from these rugs; one can do this by only using a good shampoo.  Make sure that you are cleaning your rugs in open space.

There is different kind of material that is being used for the manufacturing of these rugs; the most basic types are wool and silk. Both type have different issue and need different type of care and cleaning.

Silk rugs can be very easy to get damages and these rugs are also very expensive. Keep in mind that you are risking the rug by cleaning it yourself if you are doing it without care and proper information. A person without proper knowledge can use soap with hard chemicals which can ruin the whole thing. If you are doing the cleaning at home make sure that you are using mild shampoo of good brand.

Rugs made by wool are very durable that is why mostly for rug manufacture wool is being used. These types of rugs can be clean at home but still these rugs will also need mild soap and shampoo.

Cotton is another fabric that is being used for rug manufacture. There are two type of fabric which looks almost like cotton; other one is shinny and the other is plain. These types of rugs are also durable.

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