Top 5 Tips to Offer a Leading Position to Your Catering Company

Having a successful catering company these days is easier said than done. The presence of many catering companies and cut throat competition make it very hard to survive in the industry let alone dominate it.

However, there are certain tips and hacks that if implemented successfully can help you take your catering company to an apex position in the industry.

Blue Ocean Strategy

There is something called red ocean strategy wherein the players of the industry are in a warfare of either price or product differentiation. Then there is something called blue ocean strategy which in broad terms means innovation.

In the context of the catering industry, the blue ocean strategy can be implemented in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Personalized Menu
  • Unique Dishes
  • Creative Serving Style
  • Combining dishes and serving

Delicacies, dishes, cuisines are a symbol of an experiment. Keep on experimenting with unique and toothsome dishes and add them to your menu to delight your client and consumers.

Skilled Staff

People are the backbone of any firm, industry, and organization and a catering company is no exception. It is necessary to ensure that you have trained team and staff brimming with creative and skilled minds.

Your team should have:

  • Professionalism to carry out the tasks
  • Knowledge of the market and industry
  • It should know how to satisfy and delight a customer or a client
  • Excellent Coordination
  • Have brilliant planning traits

Aim for such team. Encourage them to achieve these parameters. You are halfway to success when you find skilled people for your catering company.

Quality Organization of the Event

  • Event Management Company
  • Catering Company

Understand that the terms mentioned above cannot be used interchangeably. An event management company surely undertakes the responsibility of catering, but a catering company may or may not undertake the responsibility of managing an event.

But if you wish to see your catering company escalate to a number one position in the industry, it is advised that you extend your arm in the event management niche as well. But before you deliver event organization service to your clientele, you need to find the answers to few questions.

  • Do you have such a large team to expand your business to a different domain?
  • Do you have any experience in event management?
  • How well can you delegate the responsibility?
  • How your team will react to the same decision of yours?

All in all, you need to figure out all pros and cons before foraying into a different niche. But if you successfully mark your presence in this area, you will have the best of both worlds. You already have an established database of your existing clients from where you can get business. Also, the whole of the market is brimming with opportunities.

Do measure the risk and rewards before taking the major decision!

Time and Stress Management

If you believe that time and stress management is a part of every business, then think again! Yours is a business that requires a very high degree of managing your time. If you are handling more than one client at any point in time, then the stress will be at its best.

A minor goof-up due to stress or any delay, the client won’t think twice to take his business elsewhere and give a bad feedback. Here are some tips to manage stress and time for you as well as for the whole team:

  • Involve in mock exercises to see how long does it to take to manage a project
  • Call time management experts for sessions and tips
  • Count the actual time on a real project and optimize it with every other project that you get
  • Brainstorm with your team to figure out their strong and weak points

All these tips will help to a great extent in reducing the amount of pressure of time and stress on your team. When incorporated successfully into your organizational fabric, these crucial points aid to deliver amazing results to your clientele.

Marketing and Promotional Activities

Undoubtedly, you have been performing better than the rest in the industry. However, you are not getting the desired result. Have you ever wondered why? Well, one of the biggest reasons for not achieving what you wanted is the lack of proper promotion and marketing.

Marketing in the catering industry is not merely offering packages to the customers in comparison to other players in the market. It goes well beyond that:

  • Offline Promotion: It is important to always stay on the top of the mind of the customers. To do that, take up continuous offline promotions, be a sponsor partner for some events, etc. Though the efforts may not yield returns in the short term, they will surely be helpful in the long race.


  • Promotion during the Events: When you are serving a client, do not miss that golden opportunity to market your brand. Interact with as many people as you can, talk about your brand, involve in networking, build contacts, and display your brand identities such as logo, name, etc. in a subtle way.


  • Digital Domain: This is one such domain of marketing that you should not overlook. Online presence, a robust presence on social media platforms, using the business side of social media platforms to run digital ads, engaging with the customers online, showcasing your work on your website, etc. are some of the ways through which you can involve in marketing online.

Adopt Smart Approaches to Rejoice a Leading Position in the Catering Industry

Invest in the right mediums, undertake fruitful efforts and have a strategic plan for your catering company to gain and maintain a top position in the industry.

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