Sliding Patio Doors Are The Best Door Type You Can Have!

When it comes to renovating a home, it involves numerous activities i.e. re-painting the walls, changing furniture, adding extra items or accessories and most importantly, replacing windows and doors. Although homeowners have numerous options for the windows, they end up with selecting patio doors because the door type has turned out to be the most efficient and performance oriented among all. Their styles and designs are somewhat similar to vinyl windows i.e. they have similar insulating glass inserts and installed with the similar methods.

Sliding patio doors are actually divided into two sections- one is movable and one is static. Also, homeowners can customize their built according area of their rooms. They can make 3 and 4-panel sliding patio doors that allow them to increase ventilation and energy efficiency. They can be constructed with standard measurements or people can create frames according to the available space. Patio doors can have double or triple panes option, meaning that homeowners can set them in the way they want. Other than that, below are some interesting facts about patio doors.


Unlike glass, wood and steel entry doors, sliding patio doors are made up of vinyl and glass (which is the material used in windows). The glass is insulated that is responsible for energy efficiency and allows homeowners to create comfortable environment inside the home. Since sliding patio doors have greater glass surface, they offer higher efficiency level compared to vinyl windows. They are particularly designs to capture warmth from the sun so that heat loss is recovered.

An important fact to keep in mind is that sliding patio doors should have Energy Star rating, just like the windows. This will create credibility and built trust of homeowners over their performance because the rating is not easy to get and quite difficult to maintain.

Standard Sizes

Sliding patio doors are available in various standard sizes, depending upon the width and height of the opening. So, while replacing the existing door with a new version, people should have to find an appropriate size for snug fit. However, if someone wants to enlarge the opening, he/she has to hire the professionals as the job requires cutting of wall that involves significant investment along with time and efforts.

Home Safety

The biggest drawback of installing patio doors is that they offer less security. With the glass doors, homeowners do not just have the risk of quick break-ins but, they also give unpleasant look to the property.

Garden Doors VS Patio Doors

When it’s about replacing back doors, homeowners are usually confused between garden French doors and patio doors. The argument starts by considering the fact that garden doors are more secure and efficient than sliding patio doors. However, patio doors won the competition with their ability to open partially or fully. Garden doors work like regular doors meaning that homeowners do not have any sort of screen to prevent inhabitants from the insects. On the other hand, sliding patio doors have kick lock that allows natural ventilation, no matter if the door is opened fully or partially.


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