The Essay Myth

Essays were taught to individuals from primary school to secondary and till senior school. A constant part of English language education, essay writing is given much importance for growing children and teenagers. Probably not all students have the knack for it though. Essay writing can be a bit of a tedious job for people who find writing boring. But, unfortunately, every individual, at some point of time in their life have to write essays. Whether it is for work, or for any other purpose like applying to a University which require superior essay writing requiring to express oneself and elaborate their career goals. is a website which may help all the students out there!

Myth busters:

It is absolutely true that essays require mind boggling amount of thinking and several attempts to ultimately produce an unsatisfactory thrown together shabby write up! Why I say that it is true, is perhaps because essay writing requires organization. An individual might be superior with their grammatical skills and may have the best information to build and excellent essay, but he/she may not know how to construct an essay flawlessly. An essay should not seem like it is forced. It can even be a little informal, the purpose is to make the reader feel like they are getting a peek into the person’s personality and skills.

While writing an essay one should keep in mind that they need to sum up facts which are true and which highlights their talents. Their hobbies, fascinations, talents as well as various achievements should be the limelight. After building a rough write up, one should read what they have written. Knowing the first-hand mistakes of your essay will give you insights as to where and how corrections can be made and spun into a continuous paragraph which is pleasant to read. After this point, proof reading is must. Either the person writing the essay can make their close relatives, or friends proof read it, or an experienced individual who has written similar essays. At this point of time comes the advent of internet.

Internet helps us review various archives of essays of different topics or samples of individuals applying for various programs. We can get a vague if not good idea of how to organize an essay and segregate the ideas. It is important to organize every section of the essay. One cannot expect to write a good essay where all the information has been distributed haphazardly. Facts should be stated in chronological order and the positives should more focused and with ease than the negativities. It is the perfect portal to boast about your achievements and things that are your forte. is a website which is widely used and one of the best places to seek help from, when it comes to originality, and organization. They help in modifying essays with the facts provided to them. The difference between this site and various others on the internet is that they actually read up about the individual and is thus more aware of his or her flaws and strong point. This helps them to build essays for individuals who are particularly weak at it but have excellent potentials.

The crucial facts should be distributed at around the climax of the essay. Write in your own way, as if it isn’t forced into the context. Portals like these are successful because nowhere else on the internet will similar or copied essays or paragraphs exist. It is customized according to every other individual’s personality.

One of the worst mistakes which can be made while writing an essay is perhaps grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. It automatically brings down the appeal of the write up. It is very important to be formal according to the purpose of the essay. The tone is another very important aspect of essay writing. The tone of writing an essay for a college Graduate application will different from an essay written for a company or job interview. Another thing to remember about essays is to not skip any facts. Never miss out things which you may have done or participated in. With consent mention your guide’s name and names of Academic Institutions or workplaces.

Essay writing is an art. It is thus advisable to be serious about basic essay writing which starts at the grass root level in our childhood. It is the best time to learn and know how thought processes can be organized and split according to our needs.

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