5 Tips to Help You Maintain Upholstered Furniture

We don’t always think about our furniture beyond sitting down or lying upon it. That’s not only reducing the lifespan of the upholstery, but creating a potentially harmful environment for you and your family due to the amount of germs and allergens that can gather in the fibers. Upholstery cleaning is important to maintain the condition of your furniture and it’s not difficult to do either. Just follow these five tips to make your furniture look its best at all times. You’ll notice the difference almost immediately and you’ll be able to enjoy that furniture much longer. Most people think it’s a hassle to clean a couch, but it’s actually quite easy.

1. Fabrics

Before you bring that couch or chair home, think first about the type of material you’re purchasing. Picking the right fabric can have a big impact in keeping that upholstery in great condition. This is particularly important based on how much use the piece of furniture is going to get. If you have pets it’s even more crucial to choose the right type of fabric because fibers with intricate weaving and textures are going to hold onto pet hair and other contaminants more readily.

2. Sealants and Protectants

There are a number of fabric protection treatments out there that can help prevent stains and dirt from getting into the upholstery. The type you want to buy is going to largely depend on which kind of fabric you have on your furniture. Applying a protectant to the upholstery seals it from absorbing spills, making them easier to clean up.

3. Cleaning

When an accident does occur but you haven’t sealed the fibers with a fabric protector, you must be sure to practice proper spot cleaning skills so as not to cause damage. First of all, remember always to blot and never wipe. Blotting will absorb the moisture and wiping will only make it worse. Be sure to get all of it up with repeated dabbing of the affected area. Once you’re done, you can apply upholstery cleaner if need be. But be careful with those, always test an area of the fabric to be sure you won’t stain or discolor the material.

4. Turning the Cushions

One way to preserve the life of your upholstery is by turning the cushions on your couch, sofa, or easy chair. It helps to keep them from wearing unevenly and prevents certain cushions from being used more than others. Doing this every other month or so will go a long way to maintaining the upholstery.

5. Vacuuming

That’s right, vacuuming your furniture is going to be very effective in preserving the upholstery. This helps to remove all the dust, hair, and grime that are on the surface of the fibers before they can push down further into the material. Brushing is also a good idea depending on the type of fabric that makes up the upholstery. Doing this on a weekly basis will keep your furniture looking terrific.

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