Choosing the Right Colors for Your Kitchen

Picking your kitchen’s new color can be both exciting and frustrating. It’s exciting because you’re about to give your kitchen a great new look, but frustrating because there are so many colors to choose from! Fortunately, you don’t have to pull your hair out any longer. Check out how these different colors can add different appeals to your contemporary cabinets.


Many people begin their day in their kitchen. Perhaps you’re looking for a color that can give energy to a room. In that case, consider painting your kitchen cabinets and walls white. Being surrounded by a white kitchen will help wake you up and fill you with energy to start the day. White is also a great color to add almost any backdrop you wish, such as pictures, portraits, or other decorations. Plus, you can further choose among different shades of white, including a creamier accent, to fit your tastes.


Contemporary kitchen designs painted in yellow can really brighten up the whole room. Yellow offers radiance and can be a real mood lifter, instilling calm and happiness in the people who enter the kitchen. This is great for families, for kids who are coming in after a day of play or school, or a spouse eager to sit down to a nice meal after working. Yellow cabinets also pop when placed along white countertops with organic wooden or stone textures. Also, different shades of yellow complement different bright colors like red or green.


At first glance, people may turn up their nose at gray. After all, isn’t gray a dull, drab color? You’d be surprised to learn gray is becoming the hottest neutral color for kitchens in recent years. Gray contemporary cabinets and countertops can come across as warm, deep and sophisticated. Also, gray works best when offered in stylish patterns and textured finishes that can really elevate the look of your cabinets and countertops in a sleek house.


Blue offers many fine qualities for a kitchen. Light blue creates a clean look that works great for cabinets, walls and the ceiling. Dark blue can also work well but should be accented with neutral tones like white or gray to lighten the room a bit. Blue also comes in many different shades, like cyan, teal, turquoise, navy and robin’s egg. If you’re looking for a nautical or a coastal look, painting your cabinets blue is your best bet.


Lots of people want to make their kitchen “green,” as in making it eco-friendly. But how about actually making your kitchen look green? Like blue, you can find green in many different hues, values and shades. Chic, stylish kitchens adopt dark olive green and lime green as colors. To make your kitchen look more vintage, go for light shades of green. Contemporary cabinets bathed in green will easily give your kitchen a great vintage appearance that’s appealing to the eye.

These options show that kitchens aren’t restricted to whites or just light colors. Kitchens can benefit from different colors and the many different shades and hues they offer. And with the color you choose, you give your kitchen a personality that fits you and your family.




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