Cleaning and Caring For Blinds

Blinds can get very dirty, especially if they go for long without getting cleaned. Dirty blinds can trap dirt dust, and bacteria and have been proven to cause allergies as well as result in the inhabitants developing respiratory conditions or becoming ill. But this does not have to happen. Here is how you can go about cleaning your blinds as outlined by professionals who offer


One of the methods you can use to clean the blinds is dusting. All you need to do is to dust them very lightly with a feather duster. If the curtains have a stain, use a soft cloth with warm water and detergent, to blot out the stain. Blot it gently and try not to wrinkle the fabric. In the case of deep cleaning, vacuum it lightly with the upholstery attachment. Avoid using strong detergents or spot removers.

Cleaning Instructions for Various Types of Blinds

Pleated blinds

It is very important to clean shades regularly to maintain their newness. In case they have been soiled, they should be spot cleaned with a soft sponge, warm water and a mild detergent. Clean the area immediately if possible. Move the sponge back and forth in the direction parallel to the pleats until it becomes clean. Use a towel to remove the excess water by patting it dry. Do not clean the curtains frequently since the fabric will lose its body and fullness. Open the shade fully and let it air dry. Cellular material should be cleaned carefully to avoid creasing.


Vertical Blinds

To clean them, remove the vinyl vanes and coat the vanes with mild detergent to get rid of static electricity and immerse them in water. However, if you are cleaning fabric vanes, do not immerse them in water or even try to dry clean them.

Cellular blinds

They can be dusted, vacuum cleaned or spot cleaned. If all this does not bring the desired result then you should have them deep cleaned by a professional cleaner. Professional blind cleaners use a variety of methods to clean. In this case, injection/extraction or ultrasonic methods may be used.

Wood Blinds

Clean them with pledge or any other spray. Never clean them with water. This is for wood blinds that have been painted or have a stained finish

Sheer Enchantment Soft Vertical Blinds

When sheer enchantment fabrics are being manufactured, they are steam pressed. Before they are hanged one may have to iron or re-steam them at a low temperature. They should be removed from the vanes before they are steamed or ironed to avoid ruining them. The fabric should not by any means be put in the dryer

For machine-washable blinds, just remove the fabric from the vanes and put them in the wash. Run them in the gentle cycle wash with warm water and a mild detergent. You should by no means use chlorine bleach. Dry them on the line and not in the dryer. Before putting them back on the vane, you can first choose to iron them on low heat.


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