Common Myths About Wet Carpet Cleaning

Wet carpet can be a real problem if not properly taken care of in a timely and thorough manner. Water may seem harmless at first glance (we do drink and bathe in it after all) but when you let a significant amount of it soak into and underneath your carpet without cleaning it up, you could be saddled with expensive repair costs to fix some serious water damage. Unfortunately, too many consumers are stuck paying high repair and replacement bills because they don’t act fast enough to fix the problem. There are some common myths about wet carpet cleaning and it’s important to know which ones to believe and which ones are bunk. We’re going to separate fact from fiction for you right now so you can clean your carpets correctly.

Drying Out

When carpets get flooded, allowing them time to dry on their own is sufficient enough right? Wrong! Spill a glass of water on the carpet and you’ll be okay. If a pipe bursts and the carpet is soaked by two to three inches of water you’re asking for mold and bacteria build up in the carpet and underneath it. Any large amount of standing water that gets soaked up into any carpet must be properly cleaned by equipment powerful enough to extract and remove the water completely. If you let it just evaporate, you could be causing untold amounts of damage and your carpet could also develop a strong foul odor. Then you may need to rip it up and discard it entirely.

Removing Wet Carpet

The common myth states that if your carpeting has just been flooded it has to be removed. The truth is that you won’t necessarily need to remove it. That determination is made based on the kind of water that has been expelled from it. “Clean water” like that which might come from an ice maker or freezer that has melted or a pipe beneath the sink poses no harmful threats that could compromise the health of your carpet. However, if your carpeting has become contaminated by water containing sewage, a flooded toilet, or rising groundwater, then you’ll need to have the carpet taken out because it’s now a health risk to you and your family. So diagnose the water that has gotten into your carpeting.

Professional Cleaning Removes Odors

This is true. But only commercial cleaning equipment offers adequate enough pressure and suction to get the job done right. Many green carpet cleaning companies maintain environmentally friendly equipment and procedures to ensure that your carpet looks and, more importantly, smells as good as new after it’s been flooded by clean water. Most professional cleaners can reverse the mistakes that are made by consumers who don’t follow proper wet carpet cleaning procedures. However, keep in mind, these commercial units are much more effective than those rental commercial units that you can pick up at your local hardware store or supermarket. While this myth is true, you do need to act fast in order to avoid further damage and potential replacement of your carpeting due to mold.


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