How to Sleep More Comfortably at Night

Getting adequate sleep is essential to our daily lives. If we don’t get enough sleep at night we can suffer from the following problems:



  • Exhaustion: A tired brain and a tired body can be caused by lack of sleep. When we have a sleep deficit, we become lethargic and tired easily due to physical or mental activity, and this affects our capacity to get things done during the day.
  • Driving: Studies show that driving when exhausted and weary is very dangerous indeed. Being overtired and suffering from a significant sleep deficit can affect our reflexes, our ability to focus on the road, and our capacity to make good decisions. Those who are suffering from a lack of sleep may also experience episodes of micro-sleep behind the wheel, in which the brain enters a sleep state momentarily and we have trouble keeping our eyes open.
  • Concentration: If you’re having trouble concentrating at work or at school, you might be suffering from a significant sleep deficit. Many people don’t get enough sleep at night and become used to functioning at half-capacity, feeling tired all of the time. Eventually this will catch up with them and may cause other issues in their lives.

All of the issues outlined above are caused by a lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep can have very serious consequences, and it is important to find a way to get the sleep that you need.

Common Causes of Uncomfortable Sleep

There are a number of causes for not sleeping well at night. Stress is certainly a primary cause, and can lead to bouts of insomnia as the stressed brain and body struggles to calm down and enter a restful sleep state. Physical and mechanical causes like sleep apnoea can also lead to poor-quality sleep, as the person will wake in the night without realising it and the body and brain will resist entering a deep sleep for any length of time.

Many people also report that they are too hot to sleep at night, while others report that they are too cold. In fact, this is one of the most common causes of sleep trouble, but it is also one of the easiest to fix. Here’s why your mattress might be contributing to your feelings of tiredness during the day:

  • Hot: If you find that you are too hot at night, it is likely causing you to toss and turn uncomfortably and in a sweat. Your mattress may be a primary cause of this discomfort if it is too soft and is not providing adequate airflow around your body. Latex and memory foam mattresses are liable to cause this problem in people who don’t like to be too hot at night because they tend to allow the body to sink into them and restrict airflow.
  • Cold: Some people find that they are actually too cold at night. This can be caused by a waterbed or a very firm mattress where the person is sleeping on top of the mattress where the airflow is highest.

Different people find that they sleep better at different temperatures, so it is important to work out what is most comfortable for you and to find a mattress that promotes your comfort.


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