Lynne Koy – Florida’s Best Real Estate Agent

In the beginning of 20th century, land speculators explored Florida after businessmen like Henry Plant and Henry Flagler improved railroad systems.  This developed railroad systems led people to move towards the center of Florida, and that was possible due to the comfortable weather and availability of local economies. From then on, tourism sets its benchmark.  Later on, besides tourism, real estate also boomed up and now it is one of the incomes sources in Florida. Florida has combined effect on its insurance industry, for that home loan insurance has increased 40% to 60% and real estate became a hot cake in Florida.

At the end of 2008 Florida earned its position in the market of real estate from then it is ruling in the business market. From the starting point of real estate business, many come and goes some made their fortune and some failed but the names are still in the market. But today one, who is ruling all over the real estate business is Lynne Koy, is a licensed broker with Coldwell Banker Real Estate and works out of the Longboat Key office. She is related to many other residential real estates around Sarasota, and they are – Bird Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, and St. Armands Key.

Bird Key Real Estates

With a blend of new constructions and established houses, Bird Key provides stunning views of Sarasota Bay. Deep water canal can be a big fantasy for luxury homeowners, including professionals, superstars, and entrepreneurs. This is the midpoint of Sarasota, where beach facing homes are available.

Lido Key Real Estates

Lido Key Real Estates is the connecting link between the mainland of Sarasota and St. Armands Key Real Estates. This area is lightly populated which is perfect for beach walking. This can be the best place for nature lovers as one can enjoy the wooden walkways, offered by the Lido Park setting. The public beach, Mid-key has a swimming pool, a concession shop, and a playground.

Siesta Key Real Estates

This real estate is the home to carved beaches and is connected by two bridges Florida and Sarasota. Continuously this area has been voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world, having the special feature quartz-crystal sand which never gets hot.  Being highly populated this real estates is surrounded by homes, shops, condos, boutiques, classic restaurants and variety of local business.

St. Armands Key Real Estates

Beachside homes and luxury condos can give anyone marvelous views, and it can also be great for one’s own deep water dock at a nearby harbor. St. Armand’s famous circle is one station for shopping, entertainment, gourmet dining etc.

According to Lynne Koy Florida’s stunning Gulf Coast is actually a spectacular destination overflowing with excellent established homes comfortable for every lifestyle. Florida is simply remarkable for real estates options. Limitless golf course communities, established interior homes, waterfront estates, luxurious decorated home everything is in one stop. Everyone’s journey to exciting world Sarasota Real Estate opportunities begins here, where days will be captured by world class golf, boating or any other outdoor activities. So Lynne is the best person to consult while choosing a home to buy or sell.


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