Rental Equipment in Grande Prairie

Most companies in the oil and natural gas industry need a special set of equipment to carry out their operations smoothly. Unfortunately, some of this equipment is very expensive; hence it might be difficult for the drilling company to own it all. And that is where equipment rental companies come in. These are companies that specialize in providing a wide range of equipment to those in the energy sector.

Rental Equipment in Grande Prairie

Most of the renowned rental equipment companies in Grande Prairie always strive to supply their clients with the right equipment on time, enabling them to keep the projects on the track until they are completed. Moreover, when your work is completed, they can help you to move to your next project with ease. The best thing is, their personnel are always present to help you troubleshoot any problem, and even repair the equipment if there is a need. Some of the rental equipment they offer includes:

  1. Safe Work Platforms

This platform normally arrive onsite with all the equipment that is needed for setup. The unit is simple to set up, easy to use and is designed for optimum performance. The design includes double floors with a functional fall arrest system for safety when working at heights. Moreover, upon hiring, the supplying company will also give you qualified personnel who will help you with the setup.

  1. Combination Units

These high-performance HD combination units that come with stadium lighting offer an ideal way of maximizing your lease in a cost effective way. With a single unit, you will get everything you need at your work station, ranging from Internet to power supply, lighting, garbage storage, sewage, ladies and men’s washrooms and even shower units. When you rent such a unit, you will also get reliable setup and maintenance services.

  1. Recycle & Sewage Containment Systems

If you are looking for the best enviro trailer in Grande Prairie, these equipment renting companies can also help. They have portable washrooms, functional recycling units, as well as portable sewage containment systems. They will deliver and setup the units without delays and even empty the recycling when it is filled up.

  1. Boilers and Heat Exchangers

If you need reliable boilers and heat exchangers, the companies can also offer you the type of equipment that will meet your needs. They have a range of boiler sizes so as to meet your project needs. The units can run on diesel or natural gas for convenience. Moreover, they normally come complete with a powerful generator and a lighting tower.

  1. Portable Office Trailers and Well Site Accommodation

If your project involves staying at your workstation until the project is completed, these companies can also provide you with the most appropriate accommodation. They have various well site accommodation units that will suit your living standards. Moreover, their mobile office trailers come with electric toilets, and are ideal for managing lease duties daily. The best thing is, the accommodations have running water, flush toilets, phones, washers/dryers and Internet access, among other things.

Other rental equipment that is offered by these companies includes barrel insulated tanks, matting, and heavy transport equipment. The companies understand the importance of innovation and efficiency in the energy sector, where budgets and projects are constantly adjusted. When you call them, they will work with you so as to fulfill all your equipment requests. Some of their equipment and products are uniquely designed to meet different needs. If you are in Grande Prairie and need to rent equipment such as heat exchangers, work platforms or enviro trailers, reliable equipment renting companies can help.


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