Walk In Baths Have Safety Built In

You have probably heard of walk in baths as a way to be able to stay independent at home, but in addition to independence, walk in baths provide unparalleled safety in the bathroom. This is important because one out of three adults over the age of 65 falls each year, and the vast majority of those falls occur in the bathroom. A walk-in bath offers a homeowner easy accessibility, built-in safety measures, and easy maintenance.

Easy Accessibility

For a disabled person or one just starting to experience mobility issues as a result of aging, the high step over of a tub is a barrier to enjoying a soak in a tub. A walk-in tub solves that problem with a wide door in the side of the tub that allows you to easily step into the bath. The seals on the tub door keep all water inside the tub while it is filling up. An ADA compliant seat in the tub allows you to sit comfortably instead of having to lower yourself to the tub floor. The easy to turn quick release drain, door, and faucet latches also make the tub easy to use.

Safety Measures Built In

Walk in baths have many safety features built in such as anti-slip surfaces on both the floor and the seat that limit sliding out of position in the tub. Grab bars are also standard as part of the tub itself and are included on the bathroom walls as part of the bathtub installation. You will not have to worry about getting burned in the tub by hot water with the new anti-scald technology incorporated into the tub design.

Easy to Maintain

Walk-in baths are durable and easy to maintain. Most tubs have a mold resistant and antibacterial gel coat that helps minimize cleaning chores. Auto gravity purge jets and quick water drainage ensure that there is not water left stagnating in the bottom of the tub. If there should be a maintenance issue with your tub, the internal parts of the tub can be accessed by removing a panel on the front of the bathtub.

Extra Perks

In addition to the additional safety and accessibility that you will enjoy with your walk-in bath, you will enjoy some extra perks. The construction of the tub means that you will enjoy a deep soak with massaging hydrotherapy jets that you can easily adjust. You will stay warm in the tub thanks to a seat and backrest warmer. Some bathtub models offer extra features such as aromatherapy, light therapy that illuminates the water in the tub for various relaxing effects, and handheld shower wands so that you can enjoy a seated shower.

Relax and massage away pain and stress in your own private bathroom spa. You can fully unwind knowing that you have a safe alternative to a standard bathtub that dramatically reduces the incidence of falls in the bathroom. When your bath is done, you do not have to wait long for the water to drain so you can safely exit and continue to live independently at home.




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