How SMSTS Benefits you

The Site Management Safety Training Scheme or SMSTS is designed to ensure that agents and managers of a construction site are fully equipped and prepared in terms of health and safety. This will enable participants to oversee the running of a site to ensure that risks and hazards are identified with the purpose of either mitigation or elimination of the risk of hazard.

As standard, Health and safety training is a legal requirement for a management role on site, this means that to hold such a position you must attain accreditation by completing a course. Furthermore it is endorsed by the United Kingdom Contractors Group as a standard course for site managers who work on UKCG construction sites.
Over the course of five days, participants are trained and taught about current health and safety legislation and how that has an effect on their role, their team’s roles and the construction site itself. This will include how to implement health and safety law on a site to the best industry practices whilst ensuring that the site still runs as efficiently as possible.
Whilst doing the course, participants are given interactive work to do at home to help them with their revision for the multiple choice exam which every participant will do at the end of the course. This work is included in the course fees and so there is no extra cost and it gives each participant a fair chance to be prepared.
To qualify for this award you must attend the entire course which is run by an approved training company such as Phoenix HSC and held over five days before you will be able to sit the exam at the end.
Certification remains valid for five years; however, as good practice due to changes with technology, legislation and management styles a refresher course is recommended every three years.


• Ensuring Health & Safety is adhered to onsite at all times.
• Understanding who is responsible and accountable for onsite health, safety and welfare.
• How to implement new guidelines from new legislation or industry best practice with minimal disruption.
• Ensuring that you and your team are aware of their responsibilities onsite.
• How to implement all health, safety, welfare and environmental legislation that affects your team during their daily work.
• Five years certification.

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