How to Clean Wool Area Rugs

Homeowners often prefer wool area rugs for their patterns and colors. The fibers are soft; making it comfortable to walk on the rug with bare feet; plus, the wool retains some warmth as well. When properly cared for, wool is quite durable. If you choose to clean it yourself without Meridian Chem-Dry or another professional service, here is how you can succeed in keeping things neat and clean.

Cleaning a wool rug can actually be done outside the house. A lot of dirt and particles can get inside the overlapping fibers. There are also many grooves that can add pounds of weight. An effective way to get all this dirt out is to hang the rug on a clothesline and hit it with a broom. Commercial rug beaters are also available. Although a pile of grime may be left behind on the ground, at least it’s no longer inside your wool area rug.

Cleaning Procedures

When you vacuum, it should be done on the front and back sides of the rug. Each side should get three passes. That’s to be sure the particles left behind are sucked up. It may seem like a little bit of work, but vacuuming should be done regularly because dirt never takes a break from building up. Don’t wait to vacuum in between deep cleanings; it should be a regular chore.

Store bought or professional rug cleaners can be used as well. Poured into a bucket of cold water, the solution will let you get the carpet clean. Test a small area first so you know that the colors won’t bleed due to use of the compound. You’ll want a container of plain cold water as well. If the colors don’t bleed, then wet a sponge and begin at one corner of the rug, which should be lightly dampened rather than soaked. Wool fibers can hold a lot of water, possibly making the rug too heavy to handle.

Using a clean sponge, soak it in the plain water. Then dab at a section of the rug, without soaking, and then blot up any stains with a bath towel that is dry and absorbent. It might take a few towels to get the wool rug dry. Working in small sections, keep going until one area is finished, and then move on to another section until the entire rug is cleaned.

Wool Area Rug Care

Never walk on the rug if it hasn’t thoroughly dried. Leave the windows open and a fan running if keeping it indoors; this will allow for faster drying, but it may be more practical to hang the rug outside in the sun. Should a stain occur, don’t rub it in because the fibers will mat together, fuzz, or otherwise get damaged. It’s also not recommended to use laundry soap or other alkaline detergents because they can cause the coloring of the wool rug to bleed. You can keep carpets clean by not wearing shoes, not consuming stain-causing food or drinks over them, and vacuuming often, because preventing dirt buildup is the best way to ensure a long-lasting wool area rug.

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