Information that you should know about Blinds

Blind may be an unfamiliar term to many people, but it refers to something that many people are aware of. It refers to the window covering and exists in many forms. The only thing that differs when dealing with window blinds is the control system being used. Those who know what a blind is will tell you that it consists of vertical slats as well as horizontal slats. These slats can be made from a variety of hard materials that include products like metal, plastic as well as wood. Whichever the product is used, cords or strings are used to bring the materials together. One of the many companies specializing in blinds in the United States is Hunter Douglas blinds Phoenix AZ. This company operates from the state of Arizona.

How blinds operate

To maneuver around blinds, you can either achieve this manually or using a remote control. Whichever method you decide to settle for, ensure that you are conversant with it. The blinds that are referred to as coverings are known to use a soft material to replace what is referred to as a slat. Also, when referred to as coverings, they represent various types of blinds such as cellular shades, wood blinds as well as roller blinds. They can also be used to refer to honeycomb shades and roman blinds. Countries like the United Kingdom refer to blinds as awnings.

Blinds currently available in the United States

Blinds can be classified into two categories. There is the made to measure blind and the readymade blinds. Made to measure blinds are the most accurate blinds as they fit the window to every level. However, ready-made blinds are trial and error blinds, and they may fit or fail to fit the window. With these two major categories, there result other six subcategories that include roller blinds, Shoji Japanese blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds and Roman blinds. If you are considering fitting your premises with blinds on the exterior, you should consider metal blinds for several reasons. Metal blinds are very effective when it comes to issues such as theft, glare, bad weather and other conditions such as onlookers. Blinds made of metal are machine operated meaning that they use an operating system.

History of blinds

Blinds have been part of the human life since 1888 when the first patent for the product was filed by George L. Castner. As for the vertical blinds, they owe their existence to Fredrick Bopp and Edward Bopp of Kansas City, Missouri. They used to produce these blinds through a company known as Sun Vertical. Shoji Blinds, on their part, owe their existence to the Japanese people. While they have many uses, they are used for wardrobe doors and as room dividers. When used as window blinds, they are meant to protect the inhabitants of the room against sunlight and the resulting heat. In the ancient Egypt, the blinds were constructed using reeds. Other than the mentioned materials, there are other materials that are very effective in making blinds include PVC, aluminium and polyester.


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