Is it Time for Garage Door Spring Repair

Be it a garage adjacent to your home or office, you expect the garage door to operate flawlessly and noiselessly every time. Whenever you wish, it would open and close with the least bit of hassle, be it a manually operated garage door or one that uses an automatic mechanism. And you may be in for a shock if this doesn’t happen. You need to identify the problem; most often it is the garage door spring that is in need of repair.

You need to understand that the faultless operation of your garage door is dependent on the springs. Like everything else, the garage door spring also has a certain shelf life. It cannot be usable forever. With continuous and heavy use, the springs lose their tension, resulting in faulty functionality. And when it doesn’t work as it should, it is time to think about garage door spring repair or replacement.

As the experts at Sprint Garage Doors CA point out, the loss in the tension of the garage door spring may lead to the complete breakage and failure of operation of the door altogether. Before the problem escalates to such a degree, it is best to address it well in advance. And to do this, you need to have a clear idea about when to repair or replace the spring of the garage doors.

Let’s take a look at the signs that tell you that the garage doors springs need repair.

  • Obvious indications of damage – such as the development of crack marks in the coil due to continuous stress
  • Difficulty in partial opening – when it is impossible to keep the garage door in place when it is partly opened
  • Compromised functionality – if the door doesn’t open and close easily
  • Loud noise emanating – while opening or closing the garage door, there is intense screeching or grinding sound
  • Improper closing of the door – when there are gaps visible even when the door has been completely closed

As is evident, if you perceive similar signs, it is a good idea to talk to a consultant.

Also, keep in mind, garage door spring repair or replacement takes time, effort, and money. Therefore, if you have multiple garage doors, it is ideal to check everyone of them before you make any decision with regard to the next step. Consider the time when these springs were installed, assess the usage of the doors, and evaluate the weight of the doors to determine whether you need to repair and replace them all.

If you have two single or double garage doors that have been in regular use since the time of installation, and you have noticed damage to one of the door’s springs, it is better to check the other as well. In most cases, it would also be in need of repair. However, if the two doors have been installed at the same time, but only one has experienced heavy usage, the spring of the other garage door may be in good condition, and no need of repair.

Think about the functionality to decide whether to repair or replace the garage door spring.

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