Why More And More London Residents Are Considering A Conservatory

Residents of multiple areas of London are increasingly considering having conservatories built onto either the side or the rear of their properties.

There are thought to be a number of reasons for the recent increase in demand for conservatories, some of them logistical, functional, and financial.

Financial Reasons Why People Would Choose A Conservatory?

1) Generally cheaper than other forms of home extension – it is a known fact that it will generally cost you less to have an extension of this type built onto your property as opposed to (for example) a basement conversion (a project that can run into the £100,000s.
2) Generally the prospect of there being “hidden costs” is reduced with a conservatory, the likelihood of there being a “mishap” or additional labour costs needing to be added onto the project are slim.
3) A Conservatory is a cost-effective way to add significant value to a property.

Logistical Reasons People Would Choose A Conservatory?

1) General building disturbances to living standards – The level of disruption when having a conservatory built onto your home is moderate to low, with builders generally only needing access to the side or the rear of the property, meaning that there will be no “muddy boots” trailing through your property on a regular basis.
2) Construction time is usually faster – These extension types are easier to build than others, meaning that the completion is usually quicker, which is seen by many as a positive.
3) Planning permission is usually not required – Only if the conservatory is above a certain size is planning permission required before beginning the project.

Functional Reasons Why People Would Choose A Conservatory?

1) Easy to do whatever you like with your new extension – multi purpose and versatile, can be used for almost anything.
2) Can be made in different shapes to suit a variety of different garden shapes and sizes.
3) Can be built easily onto patio doors which is arguably the easiest way to get an extra room built onto the exterior of a home.

Areas such as Bromley & Ealing In Particular are experiencing a boom in demand for building services, with orders for Conservatories In Bromley & demand for Ealing Conservatories building companies sky-rocketing.

With such an increase in demand, building companies have been increasing provisions for such build projects, with sales in materials for conservatory projects also seeing an increase nationwide.

Choosing Builders To Work With

Make sure that whichever building company you choose to work with has a wealth of experience in building home improvements of this type (not every builder has the ability or the experience to complete a high quality build of this type).

Make sure all safety and building regulations are adhered to before beginning work with any company.

Also make sure the company has the appropriate insurance before agreeing to undertake a project of this magnitude, even though it is a small scale extension due care and attention should be exercised before any contracts are signed, this will increase the probability of you having the best possible experience.

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