4 Things You Should Know Before Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

If your hardwood floors are dull and grimy, and the wear and tear of decades of use are apparent in the gouges, gaps, and stains on your planks, it may be time to refinish the floors and return them to their former glory. Before you get started, though, there are a few things you should know.

1. You’ll Have to Remove Furniture, and Maybe Yourself

The process of refinishing hardwood floors begins with removing all the furniture in the room. You need full access to floors if you’re going to sand and stain them.

In addition, you should seriously consider moving out of the house for the duration of this upgrade. Not only will sanding fill the air with dust that you probably don’t want to breathe in, but staining products tend to have a strong odor (and often, harmful VOCs). Also, sanders are LOUD. You’ll be glad you decided to stay at a hotel for a few days.

2. Assessing Damage

The trained eye of a professional floor refinisher can quickly spot problem areas like gaps, gouges, stains, and more. Can you? Before you can even begin the process of refinishing your hardwood floors you need to assess the damage so you can plan the scope of work to be done.

You may have to sand hardwood floors, fill in gaps, replace floorboards, and more. How far can you safely sand down floors? Plus, do you really want to learn how to use a heavy floor sander when your living room is on the line? How do you fill in gaps and gouges? How can you match new floorboards to existing flooring if you have to replace planks?

Assessing damage and figuring out how to proceed is an essential step, but as a novice, you might not even know what to look for. This is why many people prefer to hire help instead of going it alone.

3. Staining Isn’t Easy

If you want a quick lesson in just how hard it is to stain a floor, start with a single plank of wood, and don’t be surprised when it comes out splotchy and looks more like a gradient than a single shade. Uniform staining requires a level of mastery that the average homeowner simply doesn’t possess.

4. It’s Best to Go Pro

Can you refinish hardwood floors yourself? Sure, you can power through a few YouTube tutorials and go to town, but you’re going to have to live with the outcome. The truth is that your home is a major investment, and protecting that investment should be your number one priority – you always want to add value, and sometimes that means hiring pros.

A company like N-Hance Floor Renewal has the expertise to take your old and abused hardwood floors from dull to dazzling, preserving the character while making your hardwood look better than new. If you do it yourself, it might turn out okay, but you could also end up with a real mess on your hands and end up hiring someone to fix your mistakes at even greater expense. You’re better off banking on expert assistance from the get-go and receiving the diagnosis and care that ensure beautifully refinished hardwood floors in record time.



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