Add-on Services Offered by Removals Companies to Guarantee a Stress-free Move

Moving home is one of the most tiring and stressful tasks you will find yourself doing. This is the reason why most people hire the UK moving companies when they are relocating to make sure that they have a stress-free move ( However, even with the help of a moving company, you will still find that moving is not an easy experience as there are several tasks that still need to be completed. Fortunately, when you are dealing with a reputable UK removals company (such as, you can be able to get additional stress-free removals services, which can help to make the process much easier. Below is a look at some of these services:

  1. Packing and unpacking services

Apart from the actual moving, packing and unpacking of your possessions is perhaps the only other most frustrating task. Fortunately, when you are dealing with UK moving companies, you have a choice – to pack yourself or to use professional packing services (read this before deciding: This is because most UK removals companies also offer packing and unpacking services, where the movers will come and help you pack as well as unpack after the move has been made. Most of the companies offer this service at an extra fee, although it is usually discounted. People who use the service when they are moving are able to enjoy several benefits it offers, which include:

– Using professionals is much more efficient and quick, which helps to speed up the moving process.

– Using professional packing and unpacking services helps to reduce the number of tasks you do during the move, thus making it easier

– When you request for packing services from your moving company, the movers will usually come with their own packing materials

– Professional movers are quite skilled at packing and unpacking breakable and heavy items, which minimise the risk of them being damaged during the move.

  1. Local storage services

When moving your home, you might find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough space to move all your possessions to your new home due to either lack of enough space or any other reason. In such a situation, you can be able to solve your problem with local storage (such as, another one of the add-on stress-free removals services offered by UK moving companies.

Local storage services are very important as they help to provide you with additional storage space for your possessions at an affordable price. In addition, they save you the time and hassles of having to pack and unpack all your items on the same day of the move; you can store some of your possessions in the storage unit for a short period until you are ready to deal with them. This helps to lessen the burden of moving, thus helping to ensure that you have a less stressful experience.

  1. Supply of packaging containers

In addition to packing services, some UK removals companies will also provide you with the additional service of supplying you with packaging containers. These containers come in a wide variety of sizes and materials, allowing you to choose the one that suits you most. Usually, the removals company you are using will sell the containers to you at a small fee, but some companies can also offer you the option of renting the containers, i.e., using them for only the duration of the move at a small fee. This way, you are able to save money and get rid of unwanted packaging containers.

  1. Hauling and positioning of furniture

Hauling furniture and other heavy items in your home is one of the things that makes moving stressful for most people. As a result, most removals companies offer you the option of having their movers haul the items, either free or at a small fee depending on the company. After the move has been made, the movers will also help you to unload your possession and position them where you want in the house. This reduces the amount of work you need to do, thus making sure that you have a very smooth moving experience.

Hauling services that are offered by the UK moving companies also help to ensure that your furniture and other bulky items in your home are not damaged during the move. This is because the moving specialists are very skilled in moving these items (from years of experience), and thus they can move them without causing any damage.

  1. Insurance services

When moving home, there is one thing that concerns almost everyone – your possessions will be destroyed or get lost. And regardless of how careful you try to be during the move – even by using professional packing and hauling services, you might still find that some of your items were damaged. Fortunately, all reputable UK moving companies offer reliable insurance services as part of their stress-free removals service, thus ensuring that your possessions are protected. The service comes at an additional fee, but paying for it is better than having to replace some of your valuable items later.

  1. Cleaning and junk removal services

House cleaning and the removal of rubbish is another add-on service offered by UK companies as part of their removals services/. Instead of stressing yourself with cleaning your house and getting rid of unwanted items, you can leave all this work to your movers, who will do it for you at an additional but affordable price. This will give you the much-needed peace of mind during the move, ensuring that you have an easy time.

  1. Collection and delivery service

In addition to moving services, some UK companies also offer other services that come in handy even when you are not moving. One of these services is the collection and delivery service, where you can have something you have purchased collected and delivered to a certain destination. This service can be used together with local storage service, where the moving company you are renting a storage unit from can collect something for you and deliver it to the storage facility.


Moving home is a very tiresome experience, which can stress you both physically and emotionally and leave you drained for several days. However, when you are using reliable UK moving companies, you can be able to get a wide range of additional services at a small fee, which can help to lessen the burden of the move, thus giving you with an easier time.

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