Buying Custom Cabinets Online

Although it is very popular for homeowners to buy the cabinets for their kitchen remodel online, it is sometimes not too well known just how many options that they actually have when they purchase from the manufacturer.
Companies like actually offer so many different style and color options that it is worth taking some time to look at samples so that you can get the perfect match for your home.
Here are some options that are available from firms like that you might not be aware of if you normally buy at your local home improvement center:
Color choices:
Most manufacturers put out special collections of cabinets that contain a series of colors that range from light to dark.  You can really see the wood grain from different perspectives when you view them with different finishes.  Some manufacturers online have started allowing customers to not only choose from any of the paints, stains, and finishes that they have available, but from any color that an established paint manufacturer produces.
This means that you can literally go to a Sherwin Williams paint store and look at the range of colors that they offer and then choose one of those for the cabinets that you plan to order.  Receiving your color choice with a factory finish can make for a very individualized order.
Exclusive construction:
Although you will likely receive the same overall quality when it comes to the boxes that they put together for you, the notion that you can also receive hardware and woodworking upgrades is appealing to many homeowners.
Typically speaking, exclusive construction means that you will have extras added like a toekick that keeps your cabinets safe from being scuffed up and extra moldings.  You will also normally have solid wood on every surface.  From a hardware standpoint, you can also expect to see European hinges and drawer slides that make your opening and closing experience softer and smoother.  If your plan calls for brick kitchen cabinets, or cabinets that will fit into brick walls, you will also find exclusive cabinet styles that match what you are looking for.
Expedited service:
Cabinet makers that receive orders for upscale cabinets have traditionally put more emphasis on actually beating the scheduled deadline as opposed to meeting it.  When you order a set of cabinets from an online manufacturer, they can usually tell you specifically when your order will ship and then inform you if it will actually ship sooner than they predicted.
Buying cabinets online provides you with a range of choices that are not always available through local retailers.  If you would like a unique kitchen that has your personal design stamp on it, going online to put your cabinets together is likely the best way of ensuring your satisfaction.

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