Compassion Beyond Your Palate

We are currently experiencing the rise of veganism, and for good reason. The vegan lifestyle can be good not only for your health, but or the environment as well. Truly, this lifestyle choice can expand beyond what you eat and can help to further develop your mind and soul as well. Of course, you do not have to be a tree-hugging, organic coffee-sipping yogi to go vegan. Small changes can really add up, but why not look beyond your food choices? Vegan handbags are a way to support veganism while limiting your environmental impact.

How Are They Vegan?

You may be wondering how vegan handbags can even exist. Most people assume that vegans simply adhere to a plants-only diet, but the truth is that veganism can extend to other facets of life as well, including fashion. When a purse of bag is vegan, that means it is made of absolutely zero percent animal product and most likely has made a much smaller impact on the environment during production and manufacturing. While other bags are made of leather (which comes from cows,) vegan bags are made of artificial (fake) leather. This type of leather can be obtained from vinyl or polyurethane materials. It’s a more ethical choice, by far.

Does This Diminish Quality?

Another concern about vegan handbags is that they are not as durable as real leather bags. Well, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the vegan versions are just as strong and dependable as their non-vegan counterparts. Thanks to a rising interest in veganism, many designers and researchers have been looking into ways to create fashionable items and clothing that use zero percent animal product. All that studying has led to purses and bags that stand up to wear and tear, weather, and more, just like more traditional handbags.

Where Can They be Purchased?

The good news is that vegan products of all kinds of becoming more and more marketable and easy to find in stores and online. That being said, it is mostly speciality stores and companies that offer these options. That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing vegan products, because many countries around the world sell items and wares that adhere to the aspects of veganism. The handbags are just one way you can spread the word and confidently show off great fashion and an ethical attitude. Plus, these bags make great gifts for both vegan and non-vegan friends!

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