How to Get More Use From Your Home’s Flat Roof

Most homes have a roof with some type of peak or angle in the center. This allows any water that hits the roof to roll down the sides without pooling on the top of the roof. Though flat roofs are more common on commercial buildings, there are a number of residential homes that feature these roofs too. Mansard roofs have panels that slope down from the roof to move water off the surface but leave the top of the roofcompletely flat. No matter how flat your home’s roof is, you can get more out of that space.

Yoga Retreat

Doing yoga is a great way to relax your mind and create a connection between your mind, spirit and body. Once you know how to do some of the more complicated moves though, you may find that you no longer like driving to a studio and working out with others. Creating your own yoga retreat on your roof lets you do these movements anytime you want. These spaces are good for those nervous about working out in front of others too. You can take advantage of the great views from your roof and commune with nature as you relax.

Outdoor Dining Space

While dining outside with friends is a great way to catch up, you’ll have even more fun when you take the party upstairs. Turn your flat root into a fun space for entertaining and parties. Elevated deck systems increase the height of the roof and will create a completely flat surface that keeps your furniture from sliding around. After picking the type of flooring that you want, you can pick new furniture that matches or works with that flooring. You’ll even have enough space for adding your own grill.

Kids’ Play Room

Do you love your kids but hate hearing them run around and scream when you need to get work done in your home office? With an outdoor room designed just for your kids, you can let them burn off all that energy while you work inside. This playroom must have some type of railing system that surrounds the top of the roof, which keeps the kids from toppling over the side. You may want to change the way they getto that roof too, to keep them from getting hurt.

You can find out more about how elevated deck systems work and if one is right for your flat roof before you look at how you can use that space. A flat roof provides you with usable space outside. That space is perfect for use as a playroom for your kids, a space for entertaining guests or as a yoga studio.


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