How to Prepare for Office Relocation with Expert Movers

You have found an appropriate office space, set a move date and booked moving services. At this point, you might be feeling ready for the big day. However, if you have not done these six things, you might not be fully prepared for moving.

Select a qualified moving service provider

Relocating can be stressful if you do not hire the right moving company. Among other factors to look out for, is if the mover is insured and licensed. You want to ensure the security and safety of your items. Finding a mover within your locality is paramount. If you live in Nashville, consider hiring an accredited mover in Nashville 37203.

De- clutter the office

A few weeks before your actual moving date, you and your workmates ought to organize their things. For instance, you need to arrange your desks so that you separate the relevant documents from the ones you do not need anymore. Doing this will ensure the safety of the firm’s crucial information. You can also immobilize the office users to clean up the room. Cleaning and de-cluttering the office will not only lessen the work of the movers but will also save money that could have otherwise been used for unnecessary packing materials and labor.

Get packing supplies ready

Unless you are planning to purchase packing supplies from your moving services provider, you should consider getting boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and other packing materials ready. You might require more materials than you anticipate. Thus you need to buy some extra materials.

Find out what the company can and cannot move

Professional movers do not move everything. Most moving companies will give you a list of the items they can transport and those they cannot account for safety reasons. They include liquids, chemicals, and paints. They may also not carry some items such as photographs, medicine, important documents, food and cash for liability reasons. In case you want to carry these items, you will have to pack them separately and transport them yourself.

Find out if the furniture will fit through the door

Most professional movers can fit furniture out of your old office and into your new one. However, when the doorway is small as compared to your large and bulky furniture, the movers might need a heads up. When you alert them in advance, they will bring supplies that will make moving easier. Measure your desks, cabinets and other large items and compare their length to that of the door.

Show your movers where to park

However minor this may seem, it is highly overlooked. Usually, the company’s driver will call to inform you that they are on their way. Once you receive this call, start preparing parking space for them. If your driveway does not accommodate the big truck, you might want to secure parking pass for street parking. You can also request permission for parking in the shared driveway if available.
Have tipping cash
You do not have to tip movers, but when they do the job well, it is prudent to appreciate them with some dollar bills. Before the movers get to your place, have the cash at hand, so you do not have to struggle to find change. You can tip the provider any amount based on how satisfied you are. Find more tips here.

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