How to take care of outdoor wooden furniture.

Cozy wooden outdoor furniture needs care no less than a leather sofa in an apartment or office. It is not enough just to remove dust from the surface of the pieces of furniture. You should know some nuances. In this article you will find useful information about various products for furniture care and DIY dresser painting.

• Oil solutions;
• Products based on silicone;
• Beeswax.

It should be borne in mind that not all products are suitable for every type of wood.

If you have a desire both to clean and renovate outdoor furniture, you can use the method of self-aging. For this, it is necessary to treat the surface of the pieces with a mixture of varnish for wood and ordinary soot. The main thing is to let the coating dry properly in a well-ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.

Regardless of the type of material, all fasteners in wooden furniture should be checked and tightened regularly. Usually, these manipulations are carried out before the beginning of constant use and before putting furniture away for storage.

Outdoor furniture can be washed after cleaning with detergent directly from the hose. The main thing is to wipe off after water procedures as dry as possible and remove from sunlight for a while.

Practical recommendations in relation to furniture made of different types of wood.


Painted DIY pinewood dresser does not require any special care products, as the layer of paint prevents abundant soiling and grease. It is enough to do a wet cleaning using soft cleaning agents (in no case abrasive) with mandatory drying. Chipping and scratches can be corrected by touching the damaged areas with paint of the appropriate shade.

Unpainted pinewood should be treated more carefully. After wet cleaning and drying it is desirable to apply the oil composition, leave it for a while, and then remove excess amount with a soft dry cloth and again put it aside to dry. It is recommended to do this twice a year inspring and in autumn.


The main difference of this wood is the formation of a gray coating after several years of operation. Although this does not affect the quality of furniture, the look suffers very much.
Treatment with water repellent will help to prevent the emergence of non-esthetic stains or to reduce their amount. The cleaning process is similar to the procedure for care of unpainted pine. The only difference is that the oil specifically designed for teak should be used.


It is desirable to vacuum this material regularly, since it has the ability to accumulate dust particles quickly. It is better to use brush nozzles. If the pollution is so abundant for a vacuum cleaner, soft agents diluted in water are used.
After cleaning, the surface should be wiped with a damp, clean cloth, then dry.

The most important thing is to let the pieces of outdoor furniture dry well after treatment.
All pieces of varnished furniture are recommended to polish with beeswax with soft, but not linen, fabric from time to time.

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