Things to Consider Before Hiring an Exterminator

When you are faced with a pest infestation at home, the best thing to do is to use professional extermination services instead of trying to deal with the problem on your own.

There are many pest control companies that offer great deals on their extermination services, but it is important to be critical when hiring because the safety of your family and property is on the line here. Secondly, their services can cost a pretty penny. Make sure to keep most, if not all, of these tips in mind:


When looking to hire an extermination company, you should first ask friends and family if they can give you any recommendations. This is better than taking a chance on companies, which you have not even heard of. You can also check with your local pest control association or go online for a complete list of providers per city/state. Another way to check the reputation of a company is to go to Better Business Bureau to check which companies are licensed and registered, and which ones are not.

The Company

Most of the extermination companies have websites that their potential customers can check. If you are interested in hiring a company, visit their website and check if it looks professional. Does it have all the information that you are looking for? Do the company’s values match what you’re looking for? Most importantly, is the company bonded and insured? These details are crucial to ensure you and your property is protected.

The Technician

It is always best to be safe than sorry so make sure that before you allow anyone to enter your home, ask for proof of identification, license, and certification. Check all the information and ensure that everything is current and valid. Moreover, the technician should also look professional. When he comes to your house, he should be wearing the company uniform.


Any person who communicates with you on behalf of the company should have enough knowledge to answer all your pest control questions. If there are things that he does not know, it would be better to hear that he will make an effort to find out instead of making up excuses.


The pest control company, which offers the lowest cost, may not necessarily be the best. Sometimes, you really get what you pay for, but there are also times when you pay for something that is not even worth a dime. For instance, if a company says it will fix your pest problem for a very low fee, but the problem still exists after they have rendered their service, then you only ended up wasting money. You will most likely need to find another provider who can provide better services. As a result, you end up spending twice as much when you could have just paid for one reliable service.


Make sure that the contract contains the company’s complete information, the date the extermination service will be performed, the length of the contract, the types of treatment they will perform, the cost, and the complete terms of any guarantees that they offer. If you ever get any verbal promises from them, make sure that you get all those in writing.


After the service has been completed, the technician or the company should be able to provide a report, which contains the details of the services that they have performed as well as any follow-up actions required. The report may also contain some instructions on how to prevent the problem from re-occurring as well as the breakdown of the costs.        


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