Your Country Kitchen Decor

The rustic, country decor is returning as a trend. With the options available when decorating, the ideas and looks often become overwhelming. However, do not let it stop you from obtaining that country kitchen decor and turning your kitchen into the farmhouse cabin you envisioned.

From Mason Jars to Vintage Signs

Repurposing mason jars into containers for sugar, flour, or whatever ingredients you use in the kitchen is a beginning, and a cheap start on the journey to your kitchen remodel plan. Vintage signs are also an easy way to slowly convert your kitchen into the winter cabin of your dreams. Garage sales, flea markets, and online/offline retailers are the most common places that signage is available. Vintage signs do not only decorate but also speak to the image you have in mind.

Wood and More Wood

From a woodstove to a wooden countertop, the natural sheen of an array of timber provides kitchens with the homey look that comes with a country style kitchen. Wooden floors are easy to clean and upkeep which makes them not only aesthetically pleasing but also convenient.  The choices in a wood range in price and easily placed in a remodel budget.

Where to Sit

Wooden bars are common in rustic kitchens. It is only proper that the bar stools compliment the furniture. The seats could include old-fashioned cushion-tops as well as wooden legs that accent the bar. The process continues when it comes to a dining table. For the country house look, real wooden, unfinished tables are traditional as well as chairs of the same sort.  Aged furniture is also considered top of the line and gives your kitchen the look of a century old cabin.

Pots and Pans

Skillets have never gone out of style, and in country kitchen decor, it is also essential. Not only do they cook delicious meals but when they hang on the wall, it gives off the vibe of rustic times and bare necessities. However, do not stop with simply skillets. Choose a metal and sheen that blends in your nearly complete kitchen and make use of pots and pans as decorations as well as utensils.

Wooden Stoves and Fireplaces

The smell of wood burning on a cold morning is never a bad thing to wake up to nor is the smell of frying bacon. Not every home has a fireplace, but there are country-style options out there to fill your cabin with emotional and physical warmth. By choosing wood burning appliances, the last nuance is in place to create your perfect country kitchen.

Sinks, potato bins, and shelves will all come together once the first decorations begin to take shape. By starting with the smaller changes, the larger ones feel less massive, and every piece can be enjoyed rather than having to stress over the next part of the remodel.

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