5 Reasons to Call a Plumber

All homeowners need to call the plumber when certain things go wrong, but many fail to realize precisely when one is needed. Plumbing issues happen all the time in households, and many are easily fixed by the homeowner. A toilet that won’t flush is plunged. A leaking faucet is tightened. A clogged drain is snaked. Most issues are easily fixable and cause no need for a professional, but there are some plumbing issues you should forget about handling yourself and focus on hiring a professional. Not sure when to hire a professional and when to do it yourself? Here are five times you need someone who is familiar with plumbing to come out and work on your home.

A Yard With Wet Spots

If your yard is wet in spots surrounding your septic tank or the sewer, it could indicate a problem. If you notice this occurring when there are no rainy days or nights, when there’s no one using the sprinkler, or there is no other need for a wet area in your yard, it’s time to call a professional. Leaking septics and sewers are bigger issues than you can imagine.

Noise from the Water Heater

Your water heater might make a little noise when it’s running, but it’s a very subtle sound. If you notice the noises becoming loud and different, it could indicate a large problem. Call a professional before you no longer have the ability to take hot showers.

Toilets that Overflow

Most toilet clogs are simple fixes, but they can become dangerous. If your toilet begins to overflow, it’s time to call a professional. Water leaking into your home from the toilet indicates large plumbing problems most homeowners are ill-equipped to deal with on their own.

Leaks in the Sinks

If your sink in the bathroom is leaking, it might mean there is a bigger issue at play. There is a device in bathroom sinks that keep a small amount of water present. It’s called a trap, and it keeps odor from being released into your bathroom and home. If this leaks, you might find it more than a little unpleasant.

Showers that Don’t Drain

While most people find this is a problem directly related to the amount of hair in their shower drain, it’s a problem that can be fixed. It’s easier to prevent the issue than it is to fix it, so calling a professional right away is the best solution.

There are many reasons to call a professional to come handle your plumbing, and these are just a few of the most common reasons. Prevention is always a better solution, and professional help is almost always the best solution to your plumbing problems.

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