8 Factors to Consider when Building your Car Ports

Building a car port is not an easy task, and there needs to be a level of forethought and planning before any work commences. A car port might be used to store the family car, or it could provide a shady place for outdoor activities, and in the temperate climate of Western Australia, it makes more sense than a garage, which is fully enclosed on all sides. The following are essential points to consider before going ahead with the construction.

  1. The Right Materials – Modern solutions offer a range of composite materials that are ideal for a carport. While timber looks nice, and might be in keeping with the character of the home, it is a high maintenance material, and this should be a consideration.
  1. Stand Alone or Fixed – Some car ports are attached to the side of the house, giving added support for the new structure, while others are stand alone, and have 4 main support pillars, to which the roof structure is attached. If one has a large plot of land, it might be better to go for a stand-alone structure, and it can always be modified in the future, should one prefer an enclosed building.
  1. Factor in a Number of Uses – A car port can be used for many things, it can provide a great place for a shady breakfast in the summer mornings, or somewhere to hang the washing on a rainy day. Kid’s birthday parties and family activities can all take place under the cover of a car port, so bear this in mind when thinking about location and structural design. Carports can be close to patios, which provides an ideal place to shelter from the rain during those summer parties. If a terrace is also on the list of things to do, there are gorgeous patios in Perth by Regal Patios & Carports, and with many years of hands-on experience, the end result will enhance the home.
  1. The Right Roof Run-Off – This is important, as one wants the water run off to go from front to back, or from one side to the other. The right drainpipe and guttering will ensure that the excess water is drained away, unless one prefers to store it in water butts for the garden.
  1. Enlist Professional Help – Building a car port is no job for the DIY enthusiast, so call in a car port supplier at the very outset. An Internet search can provide the ideal local company, who can tailor the structure to the property.
  1. Think Maintenance when selecting the materials. Modern composites mean virtually no maintenance, and an experienced car port supplier would have a range of suitable materials that can be used.
  1. Solid Foundations are vital, so make sure the supporting pillars are seated at the correct depth, and have adequate support below ground level.
  1. The Summer Months are ideal for tackling this kind of job, and expect a weekend to ensure everything is finished. Send the kids to a relative’s, and make sure the construction team are well supplied with all the essentials.

A car port is a versatile addition to any home, and with summer outdoor activities of any kind, it offers a shady spot, as well as the perfect place to keep the car.