7 Steps To Planning a Great Storage Garage

Have you been looking at adding more space around your garage? Or what about starting on a storage garage. These storage areas are practical and versatile for many things and include having a great place to store your beloved automobile. For protection against natures elements and theft, you cant go wrong having a solution like a storage garage.

With these 7 steps I’ll help you prepare well, select the plans you want and understand what’s needed to build a great storage garage.

Step 1- You can start by drawing a simple blueprint of what you want in mind. Ask yourself, what is the best solution for me? Will it be a workshop for repair and maintenance or simply a storage solution? Will it house two cars or just my favorite project i want to work on? Is this something I need to help clear some space up? Simple but effective questions that clarifies exactly what you want and why you need it. Prioritize your listed answers for a better understanding.

Step 2 – Now you should know by answering those questions what size storage garage you would be satisfied with. Its good to plan ahead as well in case you want a bigger area later on. You more than likely may add to your collection of materials or supplies, or even expand the workshop. Plan for this as you don’t want to build another shed in case you don’t need to.

Step 3 – You may need to check your local by-laws in your local community for building a storage garage on your property. Check if your have the go ahead to start construction as you don’t wont city officials coming and stopping the project altogether. The size of your project can have restrictions and larger constructions may need approved building permits. If you stay within a certain size you shouldn’t need a permit.

Step 4 – If your looking for quality plans you can go in a few directions. You can visit a home hardware or building supplier and see their product range. You have magazines and publications that show guides and tutorials on certain projects. These can be informative but lack the instructional support you’ll need tackling a project like a storage garage. A great place is looking online at some internet sites that specializes on shed plans and projects. They have 100’s if not 1000’s of plans that are packaged together with excellent support for beginners with little or no skill. As reassurance they give a 30 day money back guarantee on purchases you make and you can have the plans within minutes. The good thing about this is the supported material, ranging from blueprints, step by step instructions, illustrations, diagrams, tools and supply materials, roofing and flooring and much more

Step 5 – Its good to remember that you decide if the location is permanent or temporary. Make it accessible and easy to reach. Think about the future and make a decision as you don’t want build the garage all over again. There are bases that let you hold a temporary position until you relocate to a better spot. Do look into this further in your plans and also you want the storage garage to set on a spot that’s well grounded and solid.

Step 6 – Weather is your enemy here so lets go over some points. Decide what seasonal weather your storage garage will need protection from the most. Your weatherproofing plays a huge role here and this goes in hand with the roof you choose. The pitch angle of the roof determines how well the drainage is handled and the level of protection your after. Typically you want a pitch angle of 15 to 20 degrees and up. Be careful with weight as some heavy tiles or shingles may damage the structure their laid on. Mineral felt and sheet metal are not seen as a good option for protection with storage garages.

Step 7 – How well is your budget skills? You’ll need them as your storage garage is determined by the amount of expenses you can afford. Everything depends on the budget and its more difficult if you haven’t summed up the cost of materials you need. When you have finalized the plans you want and you’ve gone over them, its time to visit your local building supplier. Here you can gather the listed materials and calculate the total expenses for your project.

I hope that helps you prepare better for building yourself a storage garage and good luck with everything!

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