How to Wear Black Skirts and Make a Fashion Statement

Black can never go out of fashion and when it’s about black skirts then you are sure to set a fashion trend along with it. Of course, you need to know how to style yourself, how to wear your skirt and which accessories to complement your look. If you are wondering how to wear a black skirt, fear no more. Read through the following page and you will find yourself fully packed with great fashion ideas. You will know how you wear a black skirt for professional purposes, for a casual day out, for a night out with your friends at a part or at a concert.

Types of Black Skirts

Black skirts come in various shapes and sizes. So, be aware of the world you are getting into.

  • A Line Black Skirts– This kind of a skirt has a straight cut with a tapered waist. You can go for embellished skirts in order to accentuate your black skirt.
  • Flared Black Skirt- The flared black skirts are one of the trendiest skirt styles that add to the element of femininity and style. They are narrow in the waist but make a gown shaped pattern or pleated patterns from underneath the waist.
  • Pencil Black Skirts-Pencil skirts should not be mistaken with A Line skirts. Even though they might just look the same, pencil skirt are narrower in the cut and they might just be hugging to your body. They make the perfect companion for your workplace.
  • Leather Black Skirts- Leather black skirts are one of the hottest styles where you can absolutely go simple since they carry the weight of pulling the statement in the outfit.
  • Long Black Skirts- Long black skirts can be casually flowing up till you ankle or below that. Nowadays, it can go up to your calves and become ‘midi’ skirts.

How to Wear Black Skirts

Okay, now that you are aware of the kinds of black skirts, let’s discuss about outfits that you can make.

  • For Work– Tailored all the way! With a black skirt you must be wearing tailored shirt, white is the best in this case. Accessorize with high sleek heels, pantyhose, studs and you are good to go.
  • For the Causal Meet-up –If you just want to go simple, wear a tank with your embellished back skirt, carry a big handbag, ankle heels or flat heels. You can also go with patterned necklace to give a contrast.
  • For the dinner-Wear a satin black top, either strapless or go full sleeve. Dark or bright red lips, stilettos and sparkling earrings will blend in perfectly.

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