5 Reasons Why a Solar Hot Water Heater Is Worth Considering

Solar hot water heating systems are worth considering because it’s a very cost effective way of heating water using the suns free energy. A very simple solution to having hot water at a low cost because solar panels, called collectors, are fitted to the roof and collects heat from the sun, which then heats the water which is stored in a  cylinder normally located in a spare room or storage cupboard in the home. A boiler or immersion heater can be used as a back-up to further heat the water to the desired temperature. A fail-safe method for days where the sun isn’t quite so strong, providing you with hot water all year round.

Why Should You Consider Solar Hot Water Heaters

1) Lower carbon footprints as solar hot water is green. It is also renewable and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

2) Reduce energy bills as sunlight is completely free. The main cost will be upfront for the solar panels but you can pay them off using the money you are saving on your bills. After the panels are paid off you can enjoy the extra cash that you didn’t have to pay out heating the hot water.

3) Heating water via electricity alone is very expensive but you can use the sun for free.

4) Solar hot water heaters provide hot water throughout the year. In the summer you probably won’t need to use the boiler or immersion heater at all but in the winter months when the sun doesn’t shine as much the boiler and immersion heater are worth having so you’re never left without hot water. Even on the days where it does snow, for example, the sun still comes out so the panels will still be working so it shouldn’t cost too much to get your water hot enough for a bath or to do the washing up.

5) Some people think solar panels are ugly, but the modern ones are neat and well designed and you will barely notice them. You will however notice lovely, steaming hot water without having to do anything, as well as the reduction in your fuel bills.

Modern solar panels are very reliable but should there be a problem they are easy to repair. It is always best to contact a qualified contractor, experienced in conducting hot water repairs in Perth to ensure you get the best service. Should you have any issues with your solar panels or your water heating system, getting Hot water repairs by Solar Repairs or similar solar repair specialists, is a must.
With the global changes in weather patterns and the seasons, it is definitely worth everyone playing their part to try and safe guard the planet. Installing solar panels is not only good for the planet but is also good for your bank balance, especially with rising electricity costs.